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Chroma Android 5.1 ROM + Lean Kernel w/ 2.9Ghz OC for Nexus 6!

Have you already been enjoying Android 5.1 on your Nexus 6?  Well, if you have been playing with it for awhile and you are a flashaholic, you are already bored of trying all the new Android 5.1 features and want to get a custom ROM with more features and overclocking.  Although we are still in the beginning stages of Android 5.1 ROM development, there’s a ROM and kernel combo I can already recommend over stock firmware.

The Chroma ROM by XDA user ZephiK is based on the latest Android 5.1 with a nice set of customization options along with compatibility for custom kernels.  It comes loaded with Franco kernel but I wanted some overclocking and installed the latest Lean Kernel v2.0, which runs well at 2.9Ghz.  Oh yeah, Lean Kernel also comes with undervolting, which means even with 2.9Ghz overclocking, you will get fairly good battery life (and maybe better than stock).


Okay, Chroma ROM’s coolest feature is support for native LED (behind the ear speakers) on Android 5.1.  For personalization, you will get to play with your status bar (enable brightness control/double-tap-to-sleep), change navigation bar height (to make your screen bigger), enable Kill all app button (great for squashing Android 5.1 bugs if any), add screenshot to Power Menu, and also custom Reboot Menu so you can enter Recovery quickly.

1 Response

  1. Kenny says:

    Question, what other rom could I use to utilize the 2.9 Ghz over lock assuming that I run the lean kernel to do that? Or does it matter as long as I’m running the over locked version of the kernel?

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